The Squawks are pleased to meet you!

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Meet the Squawks – an irresistible community of quirky birds!


Written in a tongue-twisting rhyme, each page is sure to raise a smile from readers of all ages.


Published by Raw Mixture Publishing in 2014, this is the first book written and illustrated by Ruth Thorp.


'The heavily alliterated, rhyming text is at times almost a tongue twister.  It is fun to read, particularly aloud and has some lovely comic moments.  The design is graphic and bold, particularly attractive when the Squawks are at their cutest, and Thorp has a great eye for strong colour, using her limited palette to great effect.  Her page design is well thought out, varied and is beautifully striking.' The Illustrated Forest


'The Squawks is a joyful picture book; gorgeous to look at and pure fun to read.' My Book Corner


'Full to the brim with amazing onomatopoeia, this book is a complete delight to read, as we follow the day to day activities of this loud, party loving flock. The illustrations are wonderfully retro, the verse is witty and very catchy - we think it will be a big hit! Publishers & editors prick up your ears - she's one to watch! On sale in store from today...' My Small World Toy Store



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